September 9th, 2014


Doing Wharton While Female

This is actually a terrific question. No one has ever asked this and it’s actually a very relevant question. The short and sweet version is:

Yes it’s cut-throat. No it’s not hard to be involved outside of Wharton. Women are treated equally. Male professors that are condescending are like that to everyone. 

That’s the short response. Of course, there are moments where you look around and realize that you are one of few girls on a board or in a club or activity. Of course there is the struggle in finding what to wear when guys are all easily and nicely suited up. And of course, there are boobs. You will pretty much face the same challenges you’d face in the College. The only difference will be that it’s a Wharton environment. So…take that for what it means. But doing Wharton while female is actually a relatively smooth experience. Besides the “bro” culture that you will commonly find in the financial services world, you should do great ^_^

Wharton’s culture is cut-throat when people want it to be. So everything will depend on your professor and your classmates but even more, yourself. There’s a lot of collaboration and I’ve also seen “count-collaborative” culture, but overall, surround yourself with like-minded Whartonites to make the experience non-cut throat if that’s what you want, and it will be okay. Otherwise, you will just have to get used to it. It’s ingrained but relatively harmless. I promise ^_^  It preps you to be scared of very few things in life because you’ll be more scared of your finance exam…


Hi there! So just curious about two things - 1. What’s the Wharton culture? Is it really cut-throat? Is it harder to be involved in other parts of the school bc of pressure to stay within Wharton? And 2. How are girls at Wharton treated? Are male students or professors condescending towards them? Thank you for your time! 

Hi, I'm a junior in high school and i live in Italy, I was wondering, what is penn's approach towards international students?
Asketh - Anonymous

Approach in what way?

In general, Penn seems to love international students. I just came back from Brazil and I’m suddenly meeting (realizing that we have) Brazilian students all over campus in all schools! I’m also always seeing exchange students in my classes. And Italians are awesome so arrivederci ^_^

UPenn M&T Program Question

Hey there, thanks for your question! I’d be happy to help you (and anyone one else thinking of M&T) out. I’ll reach out to some of my friends who are in M&T and ask if they have any advice or are willing to take any questions. Do you have any specific ones?


Hi, you have a great blog! I was wondering if you could help me out, I’m applying ED to the M&T program (it’s been a dream of mine for a long time), and I was hoping if you could get me in touch with an alum or anyone who is currently doing the program? I would really appreciate any help :) 

September 2nd, 2014
For immediate hiring…as in immediately after graduation??!
  • Girl: are you an exchange student?
  • Guy: yea from the south!
  • Girl: haha sorry
  • Guy: idk why people always think im from sweden or something
August 30th, 2014

I leave Huntsman at 1am thinking Locust will be deserted.

There’s a group of freshmen smoking a bong in the middle of campus…among other jaw dropping things.

Campus changes when you go abroad
August 29th, 2014
Just came back from being abroad so of course im going around calling myself Brazilian…until I meet some real ones
July 17th, 2014

Can I get in early decision to wharton with 2100 in SAT1? I take IB
Asketh - Anonymous

Sure, why not?

July 12th, 2014

What house where you in freshman year? And how what that experience? Also what extracurriculars do you do that you enjoy?
Asketh - Anonymous


I lived in Gregory Van Pelt. It’s good if you’re an introvert and want a little more exercise to get to class. But otherwise…I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it. I got to meet a lot of exchange students though which was cool (they generally place them in there). They have a lot of events and activities you can get credit for which is also cool. But the facilities are def sub-par in comparison with other college houses and it’s the oldest and most ignored. 


  • Penn African Students Association, Taiwanese Students Association, Race Dialogue Project, United Minorities Council 
  • Others: Wharton Consulting Club, Club Badminton (not before but I’m hoping I’ll start this coming semester), Wharton Cohorts, Wharton Real Estate Club, Penn Compass Fellowship, Penn Social Entrepreneurship Movement
  • And then I casually crash many events of other clubs whenever they have cool activities, shows or free Insomnia cookies - which is more frequently than I’d like to admit :D 

There are so many clubs at Penn the biggest problem is choosing 1-2 and sticking to it. They’re all so cool…