August 30th, 2014

I leave Huntsman at 1am thinking Locust will be deserted.

There’s a group of freshmen smoking a bong in the middle of campus…among other jaw dropping things.

Campus changes when you go abroad
August 29th, 2014
Just came back from being abroad so of course im going around calling myself Brazilian…until I meet some real ones
July 17th, 2014

Can I get in early decision to wharton with 2100 in SAT1? I take IB
Asketh - Anonymous

Sure, why not?

July 12th, 2014

What house where you in freshman year? And how what that experience? Also what extracurriculars do you do that you enjoy?
Asketh - Anonymous


I lived in Gregory Van Pelt. It’s good if you’re an introvert and want a little more exercise to get to class. But otherwise…I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it. I got to meet a lot of exchange students though which was cool (they generally place them in there). They have a lot of events and activities you can get credit for which is also cool. But the facilities are def sub-par in comparison with other college houses and it’s the oldest and most ignored. 


  • Penn African Students Association, Taiwanese Students Association, Race Dialogue Project, United Minorities Council 
  • Others: Wharton Consulting Club, Club Badminton (not before but I’m hoping I’ll start this coming semester), Wharton Cohorts, Wharton Real Estate Club, Penn Compass Fellowship, Penn Social Entrepreneurship Movement
  • And then I casually crash many events of other clubs whenever they have cool activities, shows or free Insomnia cookies - which is more frequently than I’d like to admit :D 

There are so many clubs at Penn the biggest problem is choosing 1-2 and sticking to it. They’re all so cool…

So I'm an incoming freshman at Penn and I was thinking about double majoring. I'm in the college and I was wondering how difficult do you think that would be? Is it even worth it?
Asketh - Anonymous

Depends. You’re best off waiting til you’re at Penn and asking people who are in those majors to find out how hard they think it’d be. I only know about Wharton :( 

July 6th, 2014

How come your first two years were so shitty?
Asketh - Anonymous

  1. I knew Penn would be hard, but nothing can ever really prepare you for the shock of the new level of challenge Penn/Wharton throws at you. It was the first time for me where studying hard wasn’t enough. I didn’t need to great. I needed to be incredibly better than everyone else to get the grades I was used to seeing in HS.
  2. I was missing my friends and home. Philly gets cold and dark. It wasn’t fun during that first winter. Plus I missed NYC like hell and was scared of Philly. 
  3. My roomates were okay but we never went out together. I rarely even ever saw them actually…
  4. My dorm was the least social dorm on the whole campus. (Gregory)
  5. Wharton was a whole new world and culture that I never knew about that. I didn’t like it. I felt I didn’t fit in. And very confused about what to do next. 

Classic doubts and scares that come w/ freshman year. 

Sophomore year was just rough because I was trying to figure out if I should stay at Wharton/Penn or not…but things were already improving. But it still wasn’t the lifestyle balance I needed to be happy. So it wasn’t fun. 

Everything clicked Junior year. And now that I’m studying abroad in Brazil, it totally makes sense that the first 2 years were not fun for me. My personality doesn’t match at all w/ Wharton/Penn culture. It was a great fit for me professionally, but academically and socially, I probably should’ve chosen a diff place. 

That being said - no regrets. I made the best of it and I wouldn’t be who I am w/o those first 2 shitty years :) 

No condition is permanent. It’s something my aunt always told me and I strongly believe in. It gives you perspective. 

Thanks for the question! 

June 23rd, 2014

Hi! Okay I have a few questions about Penn. I just finished Sophomore year of high school & I was doing my college searching early & UPenn's my #1 school. But I haven't been involved in school a lot (join clubs/sports/community service) & I haven't had the best grades. Freshman year was perfect 1 semester & went downhill the next & even though I finished Sophomore year, I have to go to summer school for Algebra. And I'm planning on getting all A's & doing more throughout high school. Is there
Asketh - enclasp

Any way I could still be at least acceptable to get in? Please answer this as soon as you can, thank you!

Every year it gets harder to get into UPenn and other top schools…the way I approached the application process was that it was all luck. And looking back years later, I would still say that a great part of it all is luck. Do your best not for Penn, but for yourself. If you get into a school (or not), it doesn’t mean that it’s the school for you (or not). It simply means that when it came to push or pull based on a detail like a few numbers or the decision maker’s mood that day, your folder didn’t get passed along. 

We’re so lucky that many learning institutions in the US these days are very good. So don’t focus on working for UPenn. Work for your dreams. Apply to not 1 great school but maybe 10. And be happy and willing and excited to go to any of those 10 because at the end of it all, life is a box of chocolates. And it will be whatever you make it be. SO in short, yes of course you could still get in. Give it a shot! But also give yourself shots at other places as well. I hope that helps a bit :)

May 12th, 2014
So much dark humor at this time of the year wow ha!

So much dark humor at this time of the year wow ha!

May 11th, 2014
I think probably only Jesus knows.
Finals season comes with a diff set of struggles i guess.

I think probably only Jesus knows.
Finals season comes with a diff set of struggles i guess.

No comment necessary…oh UPenn during finals season
Content from Penngineer and good friend, Arthur :) 

No comment necessary…oh UPenn during finals season

Content from Penngineer and good friend, Arthur :)